My first dream about copper was few nights ago. I was making an energy drink in the mixer for one of my cousins. My grandmother who passes away about two years ago was standing next to me. After the drink was finally done, I gave a glass to my cousin and he didn't like the taste of it. And since my grandmother was next to me, I decided to give her a glass thinking that she probably wouldn't like it, BUT she DID. And I gave a glass to copper as well and she loved it. And then I woke up realizing that I dreamt about the two, whom I loved very much and tried to go back to continue, but I started dreaming about something else. And I still remember thinking in my dream, since the drink tasted like chocolate, I was worried that if I gave it to copper that she might get sick or die since dogs can't have chocolate. But she wanted it so bad and looked so cute the way she always did (its so weird using past tense) I gave it to her making sense to myself that it probably doesn't contain enough REAL chocolate to harm her. So strange...


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