Sunrise Sangria

As I was checking out of Trader Joe's, I didn't get carded for wine today.
Did she know I'm turning 24 in matter of hours? First time for everything I guess. Believe me internet when I say, I'm not one of those who makes a big deal about ones age (not pointing fingers or anything), but it does take me a second to answer "so how old are you?" from time to time.
Speaking of age the other day I bought a gift for myself. Fancy deep red/magentaish glasses. More about that later. But there was this man next to me and when the sales guy asked him "when is your birthday?" he replied with my birthday! January 12th! Only difference was the year, which was 1942 I think. I wanted to say, "hey man, that's my birthday too! Whatta coincidence!" but I couldn't. Ya just can't say something like that to an elderly Korean man who's a complete stranger. And of course who else but my beau immediately replys with "hey that's like 1 out of 365" and of course I had to ask him what that meant.
Tomorrow around this time, in my livingroom, there will be about five of us laughing our asses off with our bodies contorted in various forms. Yes, we will be drinking sangria to sunrise, playing twister and boardgames in celebration of capricorns all around. Liz, my gal will be 21...forever. Drinks on me everybody!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if only it was as easy to remove the charlie horse as it looks. my only defence is that wine inhibits my fine motor functions. i love my vegan pie. thanks judy:)

January 22, 2005 at 6:08 PM  

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