Pick up your god damn poop

I love my neighborhood. It's so quiet (no sound of airplanes) and the air smells nice maybe not so fresh, being LA and all. To my surprise, earlier tonight y called. I thought he was no longer speaking to me so I'm really glad he called but now it's too late for me to call back. He's such a funny guy, great personality, a good person, which is something that Chelsea and I were talking about today on the way to pick up our new corner shelf in Santa Monica. I really believe that if you're a good natured person, you have good karma. No?
Walking up to my apartment can sometimes be a bit dreadful. My neighbor downstairs who i call the 'cat lady', leaves plastic bag of yucky smelly kitty litter in front of her door, around our steps. Someone needs to have a talk with her soon cuz the days aren't getting colder and I'm sure the heat doesn't help. That someone will probably be me. Ugh


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