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Last night was my first protest experience. The Federal building is so close to my house that I can walk there, and we practically did. There were so many cars, it was impossible to find parking. So we ended up driving back to my neighborhood, parked a bit closer and walked rest of the way. But after we got there, we remembered the bush mask that I got for a previous project. It's one of those masks that bank robbers like to wear.
By the time we got back, it was really getting crowded and Evan became somewhat of a celebrity. He walked around with the word LIAR written across bush's forehead. Of course I took photos, but not digital so I've gotta get it developed. It was a great sad night. Happy among thousands of people who believed in the same thing, sad that we need to have a rally in the first place. But man it felf great to walk in the middle of Wilshire Blvd all around Westwood Village.
What made me really sad last night was seeing all of the names of peoples lives taken by the war. They were written across these sheets and it was just so long even when the names were written in small letters.
I wish I had more of an awareness or I should say less ignorant back in school. Days and nights were spent either working on stupid projects or thinking about them while procrastinating. And when we wanted to and did take a break away from doing school stuff, we couldn't stop thinking about the things that needed to be done so what else can you do but to drink it off? I wonder if everyone's first year in art school is spent being an alcoholic among other things. But none of this matter now. Hopefully there will be things to look forward to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone needs some time to grow out of their tangled web of trivial things so that when they become older, they're more concerned with their surroundings and what's happening in other parts in the world.

Maybe that's why so many old people vote. =/

January 21, 2005 at 4:25 PM  

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