I can't really talk about it...really

Damn, my post just got erased. Now what the hell was I talking about? Oh yeah, getting into the website stuff. I'm an idiot for starting to put one together only now. Why? Why I don't know. But I think it'll be fun, only I'm cluless on the design part for now. Looking at other peeps website is kinda giving me a vague, faint idea but I'm not gonna COPY someone's design. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. So I've been listening to a lot of different stuff lately (I'm on my computer 24/7 and I'm beginning to wonder if it well die on me). It's making this sound, a LOUD VIBRATING NOISE from time to time. What will I do if...NO judy don't say it. Sometimes I have psychic powers or something and when I think or say it, it REALLY happens. No joke. So I'm going to safely talk about what I've been listening to. Let's just forget about my computer worries. SOooo... underground stuff, always good to listen to and I've just starte turning on to wfmu, a ny based radio station and it's pretty good. The people on it aren't annoying. Sometimes I find the guys on kcrw kinda annoying but NOT as much as the kids on kxlu. Love their stuff but most of them sound like...I don't know, like stop rambling about stuff and do your god damn JOB. Oh yeah, when I'm feelin kiinda groovy,dublab is nice to listen to like right now. It still blows my mind that we can listen to radio stations over the internet. I know it's been around for a bit but man, technology, sometimes I feel like I'm running around trying to catch-up to it.
So today, or any other day, I kinda get annoyed by something that someone does. Okay so you're watching a show or something on tv, and you wouldn't be watching it unless you really wanted to pay attention to it, a certain someone continues to talk loudly on one's phone. Why? OR bring up some story or something and start talking about it right through the show, movie, etc. Wouldn't you be annoyed by this? It's not just me right?
Think that's enough complaining for one night. Boy it's cold. I can tell b/c my nose is cold.


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