I can't really talk about it...really

Damn, my post just got erased. Now what the hell was I talking about? Oh yeah, getting into the website stuff. I'm an idiot for starting to put one together only now. Why? Why I don't know. But I think it'll be fun, only I'm cluless on the design part for now. Looking at other peeps website is kinda giving me a vague, faint idea but I'm not gonna COPY someone's design. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. So I've been listening to a lot of different stuff lately (I'm on my computer 24/7 and I'm beginning to wonder if it well die on me). It's making this sound, a LOUD VIBRATING NOISE from time to time. What will I do if...NO judy don't say it. Sometimes I have psychic powers or something and when I think or say it, it REALLY happens. No joke. So I'm going to safely talk about what I've been listening to. Let's just forget about my computer worries. SOooo... underground stuff, always good to listen to and I've just starte turning on to wfmu, a ny based radio station and it's pretty good. The people on it aren't annoying. Sometimes I find the guys on kcrw kinda annoying but NOT as much as the kids on kxlu. Love their stuff but most of them sound like...I don't know, like stop rambling about stuff and do your god damn JOB. Oh yeah, when I'm feelin kiinda groovy,dublab is nice to listen to like right now. It still blows my mind that we can listen to radio stations over the internet. I know it's been around for a bit but man, technology, sometimes I feel like I'm running around trying to catch-up to it.
So today, or any other day, I kinda get annoyed by something that someone does. Okay so you're watching a show or something on tv, and you wouldn't be watching it unless you really wanted to pay attention to it, a certain someone continues to talk loudly on one's phone. Why? OR bring up some story or something and start talking about it right through the show, movie, etc. Wouldn't you be annoyed by this? It's not just me right?
Think that's enough complaining for one night. Boy it's cold. I can tell b/c my nose is cold.


Must not forget

Yes. I did call it. 2005 is my year and I'm sticking to it.


Pick up your god damn poop

I love my neighborhood. It's so quiet (no sound of airplanes) and the air smells nice maybe not so fresh, being LA and all. To my surprise, earlier tonight y called. I thought he was no longer speaking to me so I'm really glad he called but now it's too late for me to call back. He's such a funny guy, great personality, a good person, which is something that Chelsea and I were talking about today on the way to pick up our new corner shelf in Santa Monica. I really believe that if you're a good natured person, you have good karma. No?
Walking up to my apartment can sometimes be a bit dreadful. My neighbor downstairs who i call the 'cat lady', leaves plastic bag of yucky smelly kitty litter in front of her door, around our steps. Someone needs to have a talk with her soon cuz the days aren't getting colder and I'm sure the heat doesn't help. That someone will probably be me. Ugh

Jem has pretty pink hair

I've been spending a whole lot of time (not well spent) at home. This is due to lack of funds for the most part and to work on my stuff. One of the things that I do (or constantly click on) is reading dooce. I check her website before I even check my email for god sakes. I have been also reading 'Catcher in the Rye' (got for my bday from lovely Chelsea) practically every night and I remember Holden saying something about how when he reads a really good book, you'd wish that you were friends with the author or something and that's exactly how I feel about this Heather. My god am I a loser for writing about someone else's blog on my blog? Have I got no life you wonder?
So I signed up for this google ad thing, although after a very thorough discussion about the evilness of gmail, I'm curious to see what kind of ads will poop up. Of course, since no one really reads this blog, I will never in a million years ever get paid from them at all but hey, why the hell not? That reminds me, we're suppose to watch 'Jem and the Holograms' tonight I think. God I loved that cartoon. But I really didn't know about it until maybe in middle because I landed here in the states when I was eight yrs old so how was I suppose to know? So Liz has the dvd but I have a feeling it's not going to happen tonight. Oh I almost forgot, I'm sending evileye signals to the boy who ditched my girl yesterday. Bad karma to ya!


my last sentence sounds like a fortune cookie

Last night was my first protest experience. The Federal building is so close to my house that I can walk there, and we practically did. There were so many cars, it was impossible to find parking. So we ended up driving back to my neighborhood, parked a bit closer and walked rest of the way. But after we got there, we remembered the bush mask that I got for a previous project. It's one of those masks that bank robbers like to wear.
By the time we got back, it was really getting crowded and Evan became somewhat of a celebrity. He walked around with the word LIAR written across bush's forehead. Of course I took photos, but not digital so I've gotta get it developed. It was a great sad night. Happy among thousands of people who believed in the same thing, sad that we need to have a rally in the first place. But man it felf great to walk in the middle of Wilshire Blvd all around Westwood Village.
What made me really sad last night was seeing all of the names of peoples lives taken by the war. They were written across these sheets and it was just so long even when the names were written in small letters.
I wish I had more of an awareness or I should say less ignorant back in school. Days and nights were spent either working on stupid projects or thinking about them while procrastinating. And when we wanted to and did take a break away from doing school stuff, we couldn't stop thinking about the things that needed to be done so what else can you do but to drink it off? I wonder if everyone's first year in art school is spent being an alcoholic among other things. But none of this matter now. Hopefully there will be things to look forward to.


“Not One Damn Dime Day”

Is today! Hopefully there will be many of us. Wondering how things are going for protesters. There's going to be one by the Federal building near my house. I will definitely be there!


goodbye my love

So I got this wallpaper, my first winning on ebay! That was an exciting day. It was sent to me all the way from Notting Hill! How cool is that?! Okay, I'll stop with the exclamation marks. This was a really cool vintage wallpaper that I was thinking of using for my room. But that didn't happen for many reasons. One being that my room is a size of a closet so the patterns would make it look even more stuffy. So I thought I would just keep it around and maybe use it as an art piece or just keep it cuz I like it. But over time, it just hung around in the cabinet and I thought it really derserved to be used and make someone happy and excited as much as I am. I know it's completely ridiculous to probably feel this way about a wallpaper, but I can't help it. I would have a collection of them if I could, which would only be like branching out for me since I already have a collection of staionary stuff from way back when...
Today, I sent it to this lady who lives in Oakland. I posted it on ebay and she won. I didn't really make any money from it but I really kinda got sad as I dropped it off at the post office. I just hope that she's going to use it and love it as much as I did.


Death on Venice Blvd.

I almost got killed again today. It all started with "lets take a walk". We had beautiful weather here today and I felt guilty enjoying the walk at Venice Beach with everything that's happening around the world. The sky was so clear that from the shore, I was able to see the mountains, its' top still covered in snow. On the drive back after hitting up my new favorite "soul food" place, this man, sitting next to me on the drivers seat made a really bad left turn. Really bad. That it immediately gave me flash back of this very similar moment about four years ago when this same driver almost nearly killed us while making a left turn. That time, yeah I remember buddy, we almost got hit by a fire truck. And then I had to stare at him and give him the evil eye and then only then did I get an apology. So I did what I believe was the right thing to do. When we entered his room in one piece (I swear that car was coming right at me), I proudly made him shriek, shriek in a kind of way I've never heard any man or human being make. At one point I (caught in the moment) pressed his arms down and said "hold it together man!" and gave him a slap across his face. Hahaha, you didn't think I was going to share that did ya? Later on, I woke up from a nap to here that the building down the street was on fire and there's smoke everywhere and the police blocked off the street. And then it turns out that Venice Blvd was blocked off because someone has been murdered. Yikes! But unfortunately, this is no new news, which is the sad part. What a day.
The man responsible for my flash back:


left overs


Sunrise Sangria

As I was checking out of Trader Joe's, I didn't get carded for wine today.
Did she know I'm turning 24 in matter of hours? First time for everything I guess. Believe me internet when I say, I'm not one of those who makes a big deal about ones age (not pointing fingers or anything), but it does take me a second to answer "so how old are you?" from time to time.
Speaking of age the other day I bought a gift for myself. Fancy deep red/magentaish glasses. More about that later. But there was this man next to me and when the sales guy asked him "when is your birthday?" he replied with my birthday! January 12th! Only difference was the year, which was 1942 I think. I wanted to say, "hey man, that's my birthday too! Whatta coincidence!" but I couldn't. Ya just can't say something like that to an elderly Korean man who's a complete stranger. And of course who else but my beau immediately replys with "hey that's like 1 out of 365" and of course I had to ask him what that meant.
Tomorrow around this time, in my livingroom, there will be about five of us laughing our asses off with our bodies contorted in various forms. Yes, we will be drinking sangria to sunrise, playing twister and boardgames in celebration of capricorns all around. Liz, my gal will be 21...forever. Drinks on me everybody!